Customizing and Creating your Style of Shoes

Designing your own shoe is a fantastic way to create something that is unique and special to you. Imagine having the chance to add special, personalized items to make that perfect style. It’s also the answer to finding a unique look you haven’t been able to find at your favorite shoe shop or online gallery (of course, we know you’re not talking about moi--Alexander Noel!).

We’re not reinventing the shoelace, er--wheel—big time basketball has been doing for this for years-- courtesy of Nike. The NikeID imprint invites shoppers to create a personalized design for merchandise. This is what my son discovered in his quest to be the next Michael Jordan. 

My son, armed with his nickname on his shoe and a mean outside shot, made it to the state championship a few years ago. I’m not saying the shoes did it--- but who knows what power and swagger you’ll find when you use your artistic style and design to ‘have it your way’ (Burger King was ahead of its time with this line). Artistic warning here, with great power, there is great responsibility (thanks for that, Spiderman). You create ‘em, you buy them; no matter how amazing or atrocious. So, take your time, play with the options and think it through.Not trying to be braggadocious but the Alexander Noel Deluxe Design tool is really cool. Give it a whirl, explore the great choices of shoe textures and styles in men’s dress and casual shoes, golf shoes, slippers and belts. So, start styling, test your skills, create and buy your one of a kind shoes. 


Alexander Noel