Top 5 things Women like in Men's style for shoes

It’s all about the shoes. So that means, with the fall fashion season around the corner, if you haven’t already discovered your style yet, allow me,Alexander Noel, to share a little advice I’ve found recently.  

First—Make the Effort to be STYLISH

According to a College Magazine poll, one of the most important and sexiest items for men are their shoes. To back that up, another survey on the Parisian Gentlemen’s blog, shows 60% of women think “poor style” is a turn-off.

The extra effort goes a long way.

Second—Get a feel for LEATHER and TEXTURE

This means leather not pleather.

If you can make one investment this fall, make it a quality pair of shoes. Leather, suede or even unique non-traditional leathers (buffalo, crocodile, two toned material with leather) are forever classic. Whether you choose a loafer, a brogue or anoxford, you will always be in the winner’s circle with a superior leather shoe.

Take a look at Alexander Noel’s website for ideas, such as one our favorites for the fall, The Sahara.  

Third—STYLE makes the man

Sure, deck shoes and running shoes are comfortable and you might get away with them on “casual” Fridays but Monday through Thursday, if you want to run with the big dogs, better wear some grown-up shoes. According to a leading men’s magazine, women rank wingtip dress shoes and dress boots as their preferred style for men. This is well ahead of athletic trainers and running shoes. Need some ideas? Start with Alexander Noel’s First Class--.the name says it all.  Don’t you want to be at the top of your style game?

Fourth—Wear shoes that cover your feet

Since we were just talking about sneakers, gym shoes, etc. the ‘S’ word popped into my head.


The strappy selection gives the impression that you’ve put zero effort into your style choice.  Even if your toes are frightening or you’re a sock/sandal dude, there’s still hope for developing your style. Alexander Noel recommends a classic boot with a modern flair like The Birmingham 1919.  Sturdy, stylish and covering your feet in a most elegant way. If you are wearing sandals in September and you don’t live in Miami or on an island, rethink your style.

The Birmingham 1919

The Birmingham 1919


Fifth—MIX and MATCH the RIGHT shoes with the RIGHT ATTIRE

As a college student, I thought I was styling anytime I didn’t wear a “T”- shirt. And I hardly knew where to find style advice. Over time, I’d try to copy the classy looks I found in GQ magazine which is a reliable style resource that I still count on today. Need more ideas, take a look at some of these sites online


Alexander Noel