2017: New Year, New You! Styling and Profiling: A New Year's Resolution

We all know the drill. It’s time to make those traditional New Year’s promises that most of us drop within a month, a week or even a day! You know, we’re going to lose weight, eat healthy, work harder, yadda,  yadda, yadda.  It’s not that these are impossible goals, we just struggle to keep them.

So, what if we decide to take it one day at a time, one “step” at a time? Meaning—if we feel good about ourselves BEFORE we start on a major journey, does that increase the chances that we’ll be successful long term or for greater tasks? The idea to change your style in stages can start right now. Right now by making a few, simple, classy style changes.When you think about it, style is cyclical. From the classic trendsetters of English tweeds to the sultry tapering of an Italian suit, to the new a progressive street styles of today, it’s not surprising that many styles just keep reinventing themselves continuously over time. Think about it—if it was good enough for Cary Grant and Gregory Peck back in the day or George Clooney and Idris Elba today, it should be good for you in 2017.Saying that—here are what we, at Alexander Noel, expect to be trending this new year!

1) Go out on a World Style Adventure

If you live in Moline, why not expand your style to Milan? In other words, why limit yourself to the local haberdashery?

Spread your wings. Try something adventurous through an online store or some unique and style Kickstarter project or better yet. Take a look at the amazing shoes crafted by our designers and manufacturing teams  in Spain and India. And better yet, try using our Alex Noel Deluxe Design Tool.


2) Really Go Crazy bout a Sharp-dressed Man

New Year’s Eve, step out in a new tuxedo! Doesn’t have to be super expensive thing to be on point. Think about a classic Sean Connery look. Imagine Connery stepping out to celebrate the New Year in the French quarter, Times Square, or the local watering hole. What would HE wear?

Rent or buy your tux so you can stylishly start the first day of the new year of 2017.


3) Hats off?

Being a movie buff, stars of yesteryear like John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart wore amazing hats and suits with great pride and confidence. Think about men in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who wore outstanding hats that complimented everything from cowboy boots to Savile row silk suits.  Today, imagine the heads turning when a fancy Fedora or a bodacious Bowler walks into the room. Make an entrance. Try one of these:

This classic Newsboy Ivy Hat in Herringbone tweed. If you look back at one of the other blogs on the 1930’s and style, you can see the inspiration.

David Beckham classic and stylish in his Newsboy Cap

Robert Redford sporting his cap

Clark Gable's style lives on

The staff at Shop Alexander Noel is excited to bring you the latest trends and fashion forward suggestions. Thanks for your support.

And on behalf of our team, we wish you a natty New Year as you step into a sartorial 2017!

Stay stylish!

Alexander Noel