Alexander Noel: Introducing Custom Burnishing for Men's Dress Shoes

We are proud to announce the release of the new Custom Burnishing feature for our Alexander Noel Deluxe Design Tool, Now available for all Men Dress shoes.

bur•nish /ˈbɜrnɪʃ/  v. to polish (a surface) by rubbing

In shoemaking terminology, burnish is the term for adding an antiqued effect on leather shoes to create a variation in shades. The process of burnishing is meant to bring out the highs and the lows of the shoe, strongly focusing on drawing out the depth of the leather. Burnishing helps in giving the shoes a look of superior quality and exclusiveness.


The process requires simple but precise equipment, a set of burnishing mops and a bar of specific burnishing wax. The rest is all down to the skill and expertise of the burnishing artisan to achieve the best possible finish.

It takes up to one hour to perfect each individual shoe, having to burnish the entire shoe with particular care, paying special attention to the cap and counter. This is by no means a simple task for the burnishing artisan. If a shoe is mopped too much, it will begin to burn and leave large dark patches over the shoe. Alternatively, if burnished too little you will be left with a mediocre finish.


Shoe burnishing has been a long awaited feature, requested many times by all of you. We encountered several difficulties along the way related to artisan techniques, quality assurance and modeling representation. Fortunately, the wait is over.

You can create your own pair of shoes using our delixe design tool and add a custom burnish finishing effect on the toe & heel. Look up for the Burnishing Intensity Selector when designing any men dress shoe to activate the effect.


We encourage you to check it out and enjoy the new creative abilities that you have with the Alexander Noel Deluxe Design Tool.

Alexander Noel