Color Your Shoe World

Move over boring browns, gimpy grays and overall dull darks. If you’re ready to get out of the winter doldrums and high-step into spring, we’ve got news that’ll color your world. At least your shoe and style universe. Let Alexander Noel paint, er, pave the way for you! 

2017 Shoes are Alive with Color

This year, the trend of amazing and beautiful colors is encompassed by alluring and rich fabrics. Spring’s offerings are driven by rich, natural color in an earthy palette.  Yet durability is not sacrificed—this year’s shoes are also sturdy, with a mix of elegance, comfort, and class.

Think various blues, greens, greys, and tans in textures ranging from light weight leather to colorful linen fabrics.

Alexander Noel believes that the individual drives style. If you prefer a traditional look, of course, continue down that path. But why not try that classic style in a fun new shade?

Fabric? Gotta have it!

Imagine it. And you can have it your way.

From linen to tweed to sueded velvet, pebble grain leather, patina leather, calfskin, patent leather, croco-leather, cashmere, tweed, plaid and even camo. 

Think, too, about stunning two-tone combos. These are just a few of the fabric options for spring. Best thing about them is that whatever your choice--- you can wear it now and wear it later!

Heels up!

We know the heels of your shoes will vary, but this season they are front and center in both boots and shoes. Whether you’re wearing Chukka boots, oxfords, or slippers--- you can design them your way in a myriad of fabrics, heel heights and materials. In 2017, it won’t be uncommon to see a nice stylish boot or dress shoe with a commando style boot tread.  Get ready for some outstanding looks!  



The amazing thing about these styles, is that Alexander Noel has it all. And when you don’t like what you see, you can pull out the Alex Noel 3D design and create it yourself.

Choose some great colors this spring. Check out the spectrum at