Create your own Custom Embroidery Design for the Alex Noel Design Tool

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reate your own Custom Embroidery



History of Slippers

"The word comes from the verb “to slip”.  It is thought that slippers were originally from the East but they have been worn by every culture, from dress to casual. The earliest recorded reference to the slipper was is in the 12th Century by a Southern Song Dynasty Officer where he describes slippers he saw in what is now Vietnam. In the West, slippers were first recorded around 1478" (

Design your own personal Emblem

Our current embroidery selection is quite large and includes dozens of designs with all kind of motifs for our mens slippers. Those designs are included in the Alex Noel Deluxe Design tool.


Create your own design

You can indeed add your own motif / monogram / embroidery designs. You just need to send us a special design / motif / crest / logo and our embroidery artist will convert it into a rich embroidery DST file for our favorite customers'


 You will find your custom designs on the right panel => Accessories > Embroidery


Get Inspired Highlights

With more than 60 billion different materials/colors/designing/soles units combinations, our Design Tool is a very powerful tool for all creative designers around the globe. Find below a few designs that caught our eye this week:

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