Alexander Noel: Inside Pattern Development for New Shoe Styles

Artisan Hand Drawing: Taping the "Shoe Last"

New shoe style creation process starts off in our designing room. Artisans use the so called “taping method” to hand draw the design directly over the shoe last itself. Our artisan carefully hand draws all the pieces and accessories over the taped shoe last.


The fit of a shoe depends on the design, shape, and volume of the Shoe Last.
The Shoe Last must represent the anatomical information of the foot, while at the same time giving the finished shoe a pleasing and fashionable appearance. Traditionally, Shoe Lasts are made of hardwoods such as Maple or Beech. However, modern day Shoe Lasts are made of high density plastics that are 100% recyclable (Mr. tango shoes)

Check the video below and watch how a new shoe design slowly emerges to life.

This method of shoe pattern creation has been used by traditional shoemakers for centuries and provides the best way of transitioning between the Alexander Noel Deluxe Design tool form of a shoe last to the flat surface of a cutting pattern.

Get Inspired

With more than thousands of  different materials/colors/designing/soles units combinations, Alexander Noel Deluxe Design tool is a very powerful tool for all creative designers around the globe. Find below a few designs that caught our eye for you to design on shoe Talk

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