New Goodyear Welt Construction in our Design Lab: 30% off

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Goodyear Welted Shoes

We are really excited to share with you one of the biggest achievements of Alexander Noel 2018 roadmap. We’re launching a whole new production line of Original Goodyear Welted shoes by Alexander Noel

To learn more about the difference between Goodyear and Blake Stitching, take a look at one of our earlier Blogs: click here

Shoe construction methods

There are three basic methods of shoe construction: cementing, blake welting, and goodyear welting.  We use both, Blake and Original Goodyear production methods. Each of them has its advantages, and defines how the sole is attached to the upper. Goodyear welting is the oldest, most labor intensive, and most durable of the three methods of construction.


Sign of superior quality

In 1872 Charles Goodyear invented a machine capable of stitching the welt to the insole, thus revolutionizing the quality of footwear worldwide. Due to its longstanding heritage, little needed maintenance, waterproof durability and clean aesthetic, Goodyear method is highly valued in the high-end shoe market.


Two-Week Introductory Promotion

We would like to thank all our customers for their support during the last few years. That’s why we’ve prepared an incredible, early-Christmas gift for you.

We wanted our customers to experience the new Goodyear Welt Craftsmanship so we want to chip in and help by providing you a discounted sample of our new masterpiece.

From this moment on, and until December 17th Midnight, we are providing a 30% special celebration for a new pair of Goodyear welt shoes.

What makes Goodyear Welt so special?

For more than 300 years, the Goodyear welting process has been associated with excellence and superior workmanship. It takes +120 processes to create a pair of these premium leather shoes. Check our more information, pictures and videos. 

Handcrafted tradition. How we made them?

The first part of the process is preparing the insole for stitching. This is done by creating a perpendicular “rib” that runs across the insole. The second step is to last the shoe. This is done by stretching the outsole over the last and attaching it, along with the insole, to the last. Part three is the actual welting. At this point shoe-specific thread is sewn through the welt, the upper, and the insole rib. Through a separate stitch, the welt is attached to the outsole.

Goodyear Welt styles are now live!

Our tech team has just rolled out a software update to add the new Goodyear Welt styles to the Alexander Noel Design Lab.

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To learn more about the difference between Goodyear and Blake Stitching, take a look at one of our earlier Blogs: click here

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