Alexander Noel: Hand Made Patina Belts

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Alexander Noel: Hand Made Patina Belts

We're excited to announce the latest features to our newest product: Hand Made Patina Belts

Three different hand made patina finishings are available now to order on the Alex Noel Deluxe Design tool: Regular, Marble and Papiro. The image below shows an example of Regular (blue), Marble (cognac) and Papiro (green) finishings and how they look.

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You might have seen the word “patina” before, or maybe you have come across some amazing pictures on our instagram account and wondered what is behind the scenes. The technique used to achieve this artwork is known as ‘Anticatura’, which is the Italian word for antique finishing. It is a specialty of French maestro shoemakers.

“Entrusted to the hands of the antique finisher, the upper part of the shoe becomes a work of art”

The Anticatura method is a hand dyeing procedure of leather, which creates a completely unique patina with an aged effect. The procedure begins with unfinished crust leather, which has been tanned and handled, but not dyed yet .

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