Alexander Noel: Shoe Challenges with Winter, Salt and Old Creases


Winter, Salt and Leather                                                                  

Winter's wrath often wreaks havoc on fine leather shoes. There is nothing more irritating than those ghostly white stains on your stylish, supple pair of shoes.  

During the tanning process, leather is treated with salt. When water and salt contact, the leather will produce a white crusty stain. This stain can be frustrating and can do some real damage to the leather if not properly treated. Get rid of it quickly!

" I would consider going old school like my dad or uncle and break down and purchase some rubber boots"

Alexander Noel

Removing Salt Stains from Your Shoes

The most critical thing is to remove salt quickly from any shoes, because salt can dry and create severe damage across your shoes. This leads to leather cracking or peeling and creasing. Check out the video and learn a little more on how to get rid of salt stains on your favorite shoes: "How to Remove Salt Stains from Shoes."

Take care of old shoes:

As a college student, I basically wore the same pair of loafers every day. I never cleaned them and of course, did not change out the heel or sole. It just wasn't a focus or even a care at that time. Today, I've learned the key to a long shoe life is simple: don't wear the same pair every day. If possible, buy a variety of dress shoes and alternate your shoe wardrobe. Of course there are exceptions, such as packing light when you travel.

Now, this doesn't mean you'll be able to avoid-- "foot frowns" or deeply lined creases in your leathers. So, here's an alternative approach for improve the care of your shoes. Take a look at the video from the Shoe-Snob on "How to Restore your Creased Leather Shoes"

I would consider going old school like my dad and purchase rubber boots/shoes to cover your shoes when you are going into the wintery elements. Another smart option is to take a look at a classic Alexander Noel blog "Winter is coming" to learn about the best in sophisticated boots--SWIMS. They're a modern twist on old-school galoshes.

Now the alternative option for the amazing shoes that you wear everyday is to buy two pair. Now I would suggest that you take a look at the Alexander Noel brand on  Anyway, I hope this helps you during this cold winter season.    

Stay warm!!                                                                                                

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