Alexander Noel: Introducing our Jodhpur Boots, a classic style for Today


Alexander Noel:                                                                                                               Introducing our Jodhpur Boots, a classic style for Today


Introducing the Jodhpur Boots

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our collection of stylish and classy men's shoes and boots-The Jodhpur Boot, an equestrian-inspired ankle boot with a strap-and-buckle fastener that wraps around the boot’s shaft.  Consistent with our "Buy online or Design online" customer choice offering, you will have the option to purchase online in the coming months (manufactured not far from Jodhpur). Starting today, you will have the ability to design your boots in a million ways, by adding fabric and leather to your masterpiece (manufactured in Spain).



History of the Jodhpur Boot

Jodphur Boot share the same elegant lines and seductive curves as the Chelsea Boot. With roots of this boot named after a city in western India, it features the welcome addition of a trim buckled strap. 

Pic from Library of Gentlemans Gazzette

Pic from Library of Gentlemans Gazzette

Jodhpur Boots originated in India in the late 1800-1900s. The Jodhpur Boot, holds a rich history, was initially worn by the best horsemen (Polo players) from the Indian Jodhpur state. At that time, officers and soldiers of Her Majesty The Queen, they wore their long (knee high), heavy and warm horse riding boots. For comfort and elegance value, this Jodhbur Boot was rapidly adopted by the British in India. The Jodhpur name was naturally chosen for this model, which over time has become a great shoe classic.

The Jodhpur Boot Today

Big time Blogger Yang-Yi Goh shared his opinion in a recent blog, "Whole lotta Chelsea boots out on them streets lately, eh? Maybe too many. Every trend-hopping, lame you know has got themselves a pair of the classic slip-on mid-tops. And sure, they’re pretty sleek and all, but you’re not about to literally follow in the footsteps of those guys. No, you’re a trailblazer, a true pioneer of panache. That’s why you’re going to be the first man on your block wearing Jodhpurs."


How to wear Jodhpur Boots

Wearing your Jodhpur Boots comes with many options. These boots stretch the gamut of versatility from dress to a casual look. The ankle strap also gives the Jodhpur boot a polished rock and roller style, which is absolutely perfect for a weekend night out. The sleek style which the boots will complement any well-cut suit. 

dressing with Jodhpur.GIF

Test your creativity with the options for the Jodhpur Boot design in our Design Lab. Design and buy your boots today and receive a 25% off using the promo code: Jodhpur25

Make sure you click to "Men's Dress" on the Design tool

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