Alexander Noel: The Driving Shoes

Its April and I just dealt with a snow Storm

If you are like our AN team, ready for the Spring and Summer weather to arrive, then start getting ready with our sale for our new driver collection. One shoe that sets the stage for spring and summer is the Driving Shoe. These shoes with the rich colors provides you great versatility. Lets learn a little more about the Driver shoes.



History of driving shoes

In 1963 Italian company Car Shoe was founded and they patented this innovative shoe. At first it was a shoe for the rich, because not everyone could afford leather shoes just for driving.
Driving shoes purpose was to replace traditional shoes while driving. Since wealthy gentlemen did not want to wear the soles of their shoes and sometimes normal shoes can be cumbersome for driving. Driving shoes are perfect for driving with a classic style for dressing up or with a pair of chinos

How to wear them

GQ in an article about Driving shoes said; "The driving moc is meant to be a little bold—but don't automatically reach for the first flashy orange pair you see. We're into rich jewel-tone colors or strong neutrals that are free of high-contrast stitching.

Fashion Aficionado and Social Media influencer, Ryan Magin, has his own approach to wearing the Driver Shoes! Check out the video below!

Alexander Noel recently added a new and growing collection of Driver Shoes online and also available for customers to create in our Design Lab.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Browse our collection or go to "Design your Shoe" link and begin your creative journey. Use promo code: Spring20 for 20% off a great pair of spring and summer shoes.

Alexander Noel