New Goodyear Welted Sole Units

Mountain & Buttons Sole Units

We are glad to announce the introduction of two new sole units to our original Goodyear welt production line: Leather Sole with Mountain Rubber Injections and Leather Sole with Buttons Rubber Injections.


Now Available on Alexander Noel Design Tools

Mountain & Buttons Leather soles are already available to order. We have released a software update on the Alexander Noel Design tool. You can customize these soles with multiple colors, just as the regular leather sole. They can be used in any Goodyear Welt Design.


What makes Goodyear Welt so special? Introduction

For more than 300 years, the Goodyear Welt has been associated with excellence and superior workmanship. It takes +120 processes to create a pair of these premium leather shoes. Check our Goodyear Welt article to Learn More.