Custom Shoe Lasts


Customer Shoe Last


The Making of a Shoe Last

At Alexander Noel, we construct shoes on a wide variety of Last. Lasts are foot-shaped forms that provide shoemakers with a foundation for building a shoe. The last used during shoe assembly can affect the overall fit of a shoe, as well as, of course, the aesthetics and final look.

Feet Scan Technology

Using FeetSizr mobile App or the portable scanner, you can swiftly gather accurate 3D measurements of your own customer’s feet, which is stored on the cloud as a unique FootID.

Accurate Measure Shoe Lasts

One of the main advantages of having our customer’s feet data stored in our system, is to provide an accurate fit service. Based on a FootID, our last maker is able to create a custom shaped shoe last, entirely made-to-measure for a perfect fit. Please take a look at the video below on the creation of a shoe last.