The Best Suede Sneakers for Men------Forget leather, Suede Trainers are the way forward


The Best Suede Sneakers for Men

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Suede sneakers: they’re about as reliable in bad weather as an umbrella made of bog paper, are a nightmare to clean, and if you spill a glass of Rioja on them, it’s basically game over.

And yet, even despite boasting nowhere near the same level of practicality or, well, wine-proofness as their leather counterparts, they remain one of the most important footwear investments a man can make.

Just ask American singer Carl Perkins, who wrote his famous ode to a pair of blue suede shoes. Fuzzy footwear is light, comfortable, and if you know how to care for it, fatal stains and water damage can actually be avoided altogether.

From what to wear with them to the brands making the best ones – here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about buying a pair of suede sneakers.

Why You Need A Pair Of Suede Sneakers

People often talk about suede and leather as if the two are completely different materials. They’re not. Both are made from cowhide, but whereas leather (the exterior skin of the animal) has a smooth finish, suede (the inner layer of the skin) has a more velvety feel. Each has its pros and cons, and though it’s true that suede can be more susceptible to staining than smooth leather, it’s also less prone to scuffs and tends to be easier to break in.\\


Then there are the good looks. Suede has a more porous finish which holds dye well, meaning brighter and more vibrant colours are achievable than with other materials.

The heightened risk staining is what tends to put buyers off. However, hydrophobic products from the likes of Liquiproof, Crep Protect and Jason Markk, which provide a sort of water and stain-repellent forcefield, have all but eliminated this problem. Now you can stand up, eating a hotdog and wearing a pair of suede sneakers, safe in the knowledge that should any mustard escape, it’ll just roll right off the surface of your footwear.

How To Wear Suede Sneakers

Perhaps the most redeeming feature of suede sneakers is how easy they are to style. Find a smart enough pair (low profile, block colour, minimal detailing), and there’s no reason they can’t be paired with tailoring in the form of cropped trousers, a (preferably unstructured) suit jacket and a roll neck, T-shirt or polo shirt.

At the other end of the spectrum, a pair of classic, retro sneakers in suede make excellent Saturday afternoon pub attire when worn as part of a casual outfit with jeans, a crew neck sweatshirt and hooded jacket.


The secret to getting any look right is simply to ensure you don’t try to dress up shoes that are fundamentally casual. That means a big thumbs down to a pair of suede running shoes with a black tie, but you probably knew that already. Smarter suede sneaker styles, on the other hand, can be dressed up or dressed down to whatever extent you see fit. Just keep the colours simple, the detailing minimal and you can’t go far wrong.

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