Alexander Noel Design Lab Tool

Designing your own shoe for you. First of all, this is a great way to go beyond the Alexander Noel Online Designer Shoe to identify what specifically you will like to do to design a shoe that is perfect in your eyes. A shoe that reflects your character, your style and is one of a kind. 

Please use an updated version of your internet explorer or chrome.
Also consider using this on a laptop, desktop or tablet screen. 
After all, Picasso's best work did not occur on a tiny canvas!

If you have reviewed the 4 steps below already and have taken all of our good advice to design your own shoe, then by all means, bypass the reading below and click the Start Button.

Military Brogue with a touch of Croco leather

Military Brogue with a touch of Croco leather

+ STEP 1 Identify the Style you would like to design

Identify the Style you would like to design

Creating your own one of a kind Alexander Noel Deluxe Design, you must first take a deep journey in the very cluttered or very well organized closet where you keep your mens shoes. Take a look at your style, and identify something different and unique to the things you buy or if you are a creature of habit (like myself), then identify a style that you feel comfortable with.

Other areas to consider, take a look at GQ (my favorite)or maybe chill out at a cafe in Spain or Paris and watch the mens shoes walk by. Also take a look at whether you want golf shoes, casual dress shoes or something more dressier.

Make sure that you are focused on the tassals, belts, color of metals, sole style etc. The complete shoe needs to be reviewed and analyzed by you to fit your needs.

Creating Shoes that will have a matching Belt combination

Creating Shoes that will have a matching Belt combination

+ Step 2
Identify what material you will like to design your shoe from

The beautiful thing about the Alexander Noel Deluxe Design is that you can go crazy on leathers and textures. Our social media manager personally loves Herringbone tweed texture, so he tried the design tool and created some boots. They were very nice!
I love the bold style of the Crocodile leather, for the gentlemen that wants to stand out with a crocodile leather look, that maybe a great texture for you. Check out and review everything that our textures and leathers have to offer.

+ Step 3
Explore the Design Tool

This is the fun part of the step, test the water and play with the tool before you purchase. Learn and understand this revolutionary way for customers to get closer to creating their desired style of shoes

+ Step 4
Start the Process

Now that you have reviewed the 4 easy steps of what you should do to design and purchase your shoes. Follow the process and Go For It!! Delivery will take 3 to 5 weeks. Our chat team or email process will be available to help you through your purchase.

Please note that you start on this button, you will progress to creating and purchasing a shoe online. To purchase an Alexander Noel Online Design shoe, there is a different process flow that you will have to use (Shop online button at the top of this page). Have Fun!!!