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Fall is in the Air: What to Watch, What to Wear

September 2016


Leaves are falling, the gridiron is heating up, the air is cooling down and that means it’s the right time to kick up your wardrobe for the season. 
Need some tips?  As in wingtips? Split toes? Captoes? Guys, bump up your style for the season by focusing on your feet.Need visuals?  They say life imitates art, so get a little inspiration from the small screen starting with the haberdashery of the BBC’s Peaky Blinders. What Mad Men did for reviving 1960’s style, Peaky Blinders does for the much grittier world of 1900’s Birmingham, England. 


Peaky Blinders  is a television crime drama based upon the exploits of the  Peaky Blinders  gang,

Peaky Blinders is a television crime drama based upon the exploits of the Peaky Blinders gang,

Set just before World War I, the principal characters in this epic gangster drama showcase suave style and romantic ruggedness with classic pea coats, timeless tweeds, and yes, the vest is back! All hail the three-piece suit


It is one of the influences behind Alexander Noel’s Birmingham 1919.  You can even transform the Peaky Blinders look with a shoe, instead boots with hints of the classic brogue or Oxford styling such as The Montreal or The United Kingdom.  Great style knows no  generation.

For those opting for the sharper, sleeker feel of the Mad Men generation, look no further than incorporating the vibrant colors, tweed and dapper elements into your tailored suits and thin ties.  A glimpse of color in your footwear is an excellent way to pay homage to the most stylish 60’s era.


Alexander Noel’s classic oxford, the Balmoral Blue, reflects ageless appeal with a pop of color. What better way to make a statement – having the confidence to wear two-tone spectator shoes? Or the classic look of Wingtips such as the “The New England” or “The New Yorker”.



No matter your style, step out by selecting solid, versatile footwear. Taking a cue from the dapper dons on the small screen, you’ll make a large impact with “investment pieces” worth holding onto year after year.



Top 5 things Women like in Men's style for shoes

It’s all about the shoes. So that means, with the fall fashion season around the corner, if you haven’t already discovered your style yet, allow me, Alexander Noel, to share a little advice I’ve found recently.  

First—Make the Effort to be STYLISH

According to a College Magazine poll, one of the most important and sexiest items for men are their shoes. To back that up, another survey on the Parisian Gentlemen’s blog, shows 60% of women think “poor style” is a turn-off.

The extra effort goes a long way.

Second—Get a feel for LEATHER and TEXTURE

This means leather not pleather.

If you can make one investment this fall, make it a quality pair of shoes. Leather, suede or even unique non-traditional leathers (buffalo, crocodile, two toned material with leather) are forever classic. Whether you choose a loafer, a brogue or an oxford, you will always be in the winner’s circle with a superior leather shoe.
Take a look at Alexander Noel’s website for ideas, such as one our favorites for the fall, The Sahara.  


Third—STYLE makes the man

Sure, deck shoes and running shoes are comfortable and you might get away with them on “casual” Fridays but Monday through Thursday, if you want to run with the big dogs, better wear some grown-up shoes. According to a leading men’s magazine, women rank wingtip dress shoes and dress boots as their preferred style for men. This is well ahead of athletic trainers and running shoes. Need some ideas? Start with Alexander Noel’s First Class--.the name says it all.  Don’t you want to be at the top of your style game?


Fourth—Wear shoes that cover your feet

Since we were just talking about sneakers, gym shoes, etc. the ‘S’ word popped into my head.
Sandals.The strappy selection gives the impression that you’ve put zero effort into your style choice.  Even if your toes are frightening or you’re a sock/sandal dude, there’s still hope for developing your style. Alexander Noel recommends a classic boot with a modern flair like The Birmingham 1919.  Sturdy, stylish and covering your feet in a most elegant way. If you are wearing sandals in September and you don’t live in Miami or on an island, rethink your style.

The Birmingham 1919



Fifth—MIX and MATCH the RIGHT shoes with the RIGHT ATTIRE

As a college student, I thought I was styling anytime I didn’t wear a “T”- shirt. And I hardly knew where to find style advice. Over time, I’d try to copy the classy looks I found in GQ magazine which is a reliable style resource that I still count on today. Need more ideas, take a look at some of these sites online

History of a Few Shoes

You know the phrase—shoes make the man.

Okay, that’s not exactly the saying, but you get the idea.

Bottomline—(clever, right?) shoes aren’t just shoes. They’re part of who we are, how we feel about ourselves and how we want others to see us. And like everything in history, shoes have amazing connections worldwide. The historical adventures of Chukka boots, the studious stylings of loafers, the reverence of Monk Straps and the classic comfort of the Oxford all make for amazing stories.
So, let’s talk shoes. 

The Chukka Boot

Alexander Noel's Chukka Boot -"The Sahara"

Alexander Noel's Chukka Boot -"The Sahara"

We could call this style an evergreen because it is always fresh. Shoe historians (yes, they do exist) say the Chukka dates back to a British and African collaboration during World World II. British Troops deployed during the North African campaign could not use their traditional military boots because of the discomfort and lack of adaptability. The military, working with local artisans in Cairo, created a comfortable boot to withstand the African desert heat and the required agility for combat. The unique advantage of a lightweight boot securing close to the ankle also reduced sand from getting into the boots.  
Today, the Chukka offers versatility with its smooth leather upper and rubber sole for more casual wear.  Whether in leather or suede, the ankle high boot with a secure lacing, provides great versatility.


Every sophisticated man should own a pair of Chukka Boots. We call ours “The Sahara” and you don’t have to go to the desert to get them.


The Loafer

Think staple, not slouch when you think loafer, because it should be a major player in your wardrobe. From a traditional welt moccasin to penny loafers and tassel styles, loafers can be worn for just about every occasion. The sleeker new look loafers are even perfect for business attire.  

Alexander Noel's Loafer -"The Collegiate"

Alexander Noel's Loafer -"The Collegiate"

Shoe historians haven’t reached a consensus on who did what and when. But the general story is that when Norwegians came to America, saw the moccasins worn byAmerican Indians, they just had to have them. They brought the concept back to Norway, created a different sole, and the loafer, as we know it, was born! Over the years, American designers added their touch to these go-to shoes.


Our “Graduate” style sports a tassel while “The Collegiate” penny loafer is an updated spin on this classic. Back to school or the Board room never looked so good.


The Oxford

Call yourself an Oxford man, man. Talk about a shoe with history, this is it. The first legend originates in Scotland in the mid-1600’s. It’s believed the Oxford (captoe) shoe was created near a castle. If you guessed Balmoral, you’re at the top of the leaderboard!  

Alexander Noel's Oxford - "The United Kingdom"

Alexander Noel's Oxford - "The United Kingdom"

Legend number two dates back to 1825 when the Oxford actually started as a boot. The lace-up leather stalwart was cut down from its boot height which sparked the first collegiate hot trend among students at Oxford University.  Thus the name, The Oxford shoe.No matter which version you prefer, the Oxford is a global star. This classy lace-up can sport medallion perforations, captoes and pic-stitching for added attention. And no matter what country you wear it in, artisans update this classic with new designs and colors for trendy appeal.

You can travel the world for these outstanding Oxfords without leaving your couch. Take a look at “The United Kingdom,” “The New Yorker,” “The New Delhi” and “Balmoral Blue.”


Monk Strap

Buckle up. It’s going to be an amazing ride.

That is, if you’re wearing a Monk strap. No laces, no problem. The belt-like strap with anywhere between one to three buckles anchors this style.

Alexander Noel's Monk Strap-"The Sunday Best"

Alexander Noel's Monk Strap-"The Sunday Best"

Word is, this shoe has a deep and abiding history.  That’s because the original Monk strap was created by European monks. They wanted to protect their feet with a leather cover as they completed their daily activities.  Historians estimate the European Monk shoe was created sometime between 1600 and 1800. Today’s Monk straps come in a wide variety of styles such as single, double and triple straps plus materials like suede and moccasin welt, along with split toe, cap toe and wing tips. The versatility of a monk strap with a suit, summer linen pant, jeans and chinos provides a great flair that makes this shoe stand out.

You’ll definitely be strapping when you try a pair of our classy new Monk strap designs: 

“The First Class” “The Oxford,” “Katmandu,” “The New England” and “The Sunday Best.”