You ask. And you shall receive.

At least when it comes to Alexander Noel.

Clever, Classy, Customized Creations Are the Hallmark of Our Brand.

We like to think there is a story-- your story-- in every product we provide. Check out the history in the Shoe Talk section on our site.

We’re thrilled you’ve discovered our first offerings and we hope you’re curious enough to return as we continue to add new styles and materials for your design choices. We appreciate your visit to our site today.

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In creating Alexander Noel, our goal is to offer you the ultimate opportunity to either buy a fashion-forward style or to create and design your perfect shoe at a reasonable price.

That is truly the best of all worlds: outstanding quality, unique style and great prices.

When we started two years ago, we set out to discover great artisan leather professionals around the world to drive the Alexander Noel brand. Our designs are inspired by the can-do spirit of the United States, the bold lines of Bolivia, the sensuous seams of Italy, France, and Spain, and the heart and ingenuity of India.



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