The Kickabout in Indigo (dark blue)

The Kickabout in Indigo (dark blue)


The Kickabout: You’ll want to wear this street smart sneaker seven days a week. The streamlined leather lace-up combines with a stark white rubber sole as a comfortable cushion. So, for the chap who wants casual and classy, the Kickabout knocks it out of the park, pitch, _____ (fill in the blank with your favorite sport). You have a choice of Patina highlighted shades in Indigo (dark blue) Ink (black) or Penny (brown) and many more.

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Product Features

  • Trainer Style both sleek and casual
  • Handmade Stitch Construction
  • Handmade Patina Texture
  • Blue (Indigo) Calf Leather Suede
  • Blue Athletic Durable Shoe laces
  • Athletic Durable Gym Shoe
  • Niquel Metal Lace holders
  • White durable rubber sole
  • Soft calf leather in full lining
  • Hand burnished and painted by our artisan team
  • Made in Spain

Shipping Information

  • Global shipping available
  • Free Shipping when you design your shoes
  • Track number provided to follow your masterpiece world journey to your home

Shoe Measurement

When you are ready to purchase your shoes, then please do the following steps:

  1. Click on the "Measure your Feet" button below
  2. We encourage you to follow the instructions.
  3. We want your shoes to be perfect, we recommend that you measure to make your delivery a fantastic experience.
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