Wholecut Golfer (Calf Leather)

Wholecut Golfer (Calf Leather)


Call this a true game-changer. A golf game changer. Using the AN Deluxe Design Tool, you have the chance to create your own one-of-a-kind Golf Shoe. Choose the uppers, interior and sole that you’ve always wanted. Step up your game with this Wholecut white waterproof calf leather style, complemented with the Scottish tartan plaid back-strip and the perforated toe design for looking good and battling the come and go rain showers on the course. Buy online or test your creative skills and design your masterpiece. Buy online or click to our Design Lab.

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Product Features

  • Blake Stitch Construction
  • A Single Cut of Leather
  • White Calf Leather
  • Whole cut Style
  • Red Calf Leather Lining
  • Tartan Sartorial Tongue and Backstrip
  • Perforated Toe
  • Rounded Toe for Traditional English Look
  • Red Durable Sports Laces
  • Classic 8 Universal golf Spikes
  • Made in Spain


  • Global shipping available
  • Shipping is free when you create your shoe
  • Track number provided to follow your masterpiece world journey to your home

Shoe Measurement

When you are ready to purchase your shoes, then please do the following steps:


  1. Click on the "Right Size Fit Tool" button below
  2. Go to the Help Section to review "How to measure your feet"
  3. Use the "Right Size Fit" calculator to add your required metric system and foot measurements
  4. Remember each measuring tool is calculated for the specific shoes described above. Shoe style and design make the shoe mold (last) very different. We want your shoes to be perfect, so please follow our recommended suggestions. 

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