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Alexander Noel: Introducing Custom Burnishing for Men and Women

By :Alexander Noel 0 comments
Alexander Noel: Introducing Custom Burnishing for Men and Women

We are thrilled to share the latest addition to our Alexander Noel Design Lab- the Custom Burnishing feature, now available for all Men's and women's boots/shoes. This advanced feature allows for the polishing and rubbing of leather surfaces, creating a stunning antiqued effect that produces beautiful variations in shades. In shoemaking, burnishing is a technique used to enhance the highs and lows of leather shoes, emphasizing the depth and richness of the material. With this feature, you can now achieve a luxurious and exclusive look for your shoes/boots, elevating their overall quality and appeal.


The process requires simple but precise equipment, a set of burnishing mops, and a bar of specific burnishing wax. The rest is all down to the skill and expertise of the burnishing artisan to achieve the best possible finish.

It takes up to one-two hours to perfect each shoe, having to burnish the entire shoe with particular care, paying special attention to the cap and counter. This is by no means a simple task for the burnishing artisan. If a shoe is mopped too much, it will begin to burn and leave large dark patches over the shoe. Alternatively, if burnished too little, you will be left with a mediocre finish.


With the help of our Design Lab, you now have the freedom to design your pair of shoes and add a personalized burnish finishing effect to the toe and heel. Look for the Burnishing Intensity Selector when designing any men's dress shoe to activate this feature. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to create shoes that perfectly reflect your style and individuality.


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