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Sole Mates: Matching Welts and Outsoles Your Way

By :Alexander Noel 0 comments
Sole Mates: Matching Welts and Outsoles Your Way

The Welt of a Men’s Dress Shoe. What is it?

In well-constructed shoes, the welt is a strip of leather which runs along the perimeter of the outsole. Its primary function is to attach the upper to the outsole and create a greater durability. The welt is an important strip that attaches the upper to the outsole, allows for sole replacement, enhances durability, provides shaping, and enables re-crafting in welted shoe construction.


The Welt: A New Configurable Shoe Piece

At Alexander Noel Design Lab, we've elevated our men's dress shoe collection to new heights of customization. Until now, our welts – the strips attaching the upper to the outsole – were a standard, non-configurable feature. However, starting today, you can personalize your shoes by selecting from three distinct welt styles: the timeless Dress welt, the rugged Country welt, or the urban-inspired City welt. Moreover, you can now tailor the welt color to your preference, along with the outsole color. While we recommend harmonizing the welt and outsole hues for a cohesive look, the choice is entirely yours to create a truly unique pair that reflects your personal style. Embrace this opportunity to craft dress shoes that are as individualized as you are.



Meet are the Welt Styles: Country and City

Elevate your dress shoe style with our new welt options beyond the classic Dress Welt. Choose the rugged, textured Country Welt for a rustic outdoor aesthetic, or the sleek, polished City Welt for refined urban flair. Explore each unique welt style in the images below. Our craftsmen will meticulously create personalized shoes reflecting your desired look, whether rugged, modern or anywhere in between:

The Design Lab will have the choices in the right hand side. Click on the Sole section for your choices

Choose the Color of the Welt & Outsole

At Alexander Noel Design Lab, you can personalize beyond just welt style. Elevate your dress shoes by selecting your ideal welt color, which is typically matched to the outsole by default. But you're free to explore unique welt and outsole color combinations that reflect your individual style. Our experts will precisely craft shoes with thoughtful details tailored exclusively for you.


Get Inspired Highlights of the Week

At Alexander Noel Design Lab, customizing the welt color elevates the personalization of dress shoes, boots for men and women. While our default matches welt and outsole hues, we invite you to explore unique color pairings for a bold statement. Our craftsmen meticulously create one-of-a-kind shoes and boots, with every detail reflecting your individual style and refined taste.

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