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Introducing Waxed Suede

By :Alexander Noel 0 comments
Introducing Waxed Suede

Introducing the latest addition to AN's Men's and Women's Design Lab--- Waxed Suede leather.

Waxed Suede is a waxed leather that ages well while offering a casual, stylish look. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind pair of richly dyed shoes that provides natural waterproof properties.

A rugged shrunken fiber leather is combined with a world-renowned tanning and waxing process. Simply put, this leather is meant to take a beating and will immediately have a distressed, yet refined look to it.

As the leather gets more wear, undertones will start to show through to the surface and wax will begin to wear and even out.

As opposed to traditional waxed flesh or waxed finish leathers, which are typically waxed on the surface only, waxed suede leather has wax both in the tannage and on the surface, creating a waterproof barrier between the elements and your foot.



Waxed Suede is available in four colors: Brown, Green, Black and Grey. Waxed Suede is available on all items that work with Box Calf, except for bags, belts and Fast Lane items. 

Design Lab provides a variety a styles to try a new stylish look from Alexander Noel


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