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The Trend of Dress-up Sneakers

By :Alexander Noel 0 comments
The Trend of Dress-up Sneakers

Dress-up sneakers, also known as fashion sneakers, have become increasingly popular in the United States over the past decade. There are a few reasons why this trend has taken off...

Sneakers have always been popular because of their comfort, and dress-up sneakers are no exception. However, with advances in technology and materials, fashion sneakers can now be just as comfortable as athletic sneakers.

Dress-up sneakers are versatile and can be worn with various outfits, from casual to dressy. Therefore, they are an excellent option for stylish shoes worn in many different settings.

Athletic leisure wear has been on the rise for years, with more people choosing to wear athletic-inspired clothing and footwear as everyday wear. Dress-up sneakers fit this trend perfectly, as they offer the comfort and style of sneakers with a more sophisticated look.

Streetwear has significantly affected fashion in the United States, and sneakers have played an essential role. Sneakers are no longer just for athletic activities or casual wear but are now seen as a fashion statement and a way to express personal style.

Overall, dress-up sneakers have become popular in the United States due to their comfort, versatility, and ability to fit into various fashion trends.

Trends of Vegan Street sneakers

Vegan Sneakers (The Kickabout) are the new rage

Veganism, sustainability, and ethical consumption have been growing trends in the fashion industry in recent years, and this has led to an increase in demand for vegan-friendly footwear, including street sneakers.

Vegan street sneakers are made without the use of animal-derived materials, such as leather or suede, and are often made with recycled or eco-friendly materials. This trend reflects a growing concern for animal welfare and environmental sustainability among consumers.

In recent years, several brands have launched lines of vegan street sneakers, and these have gained popularity among those looking for stylish, comfortable, and ethical footwear options. The trend of vegan street sneakers is expected to continue as more consumers become conscious of their impact on the planet and demand for sustainable, cruelty-free products continues to grow.

 Alexander Noel has a variety of Vegan footwear collections that you can buy online or create your own in our design lab.

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